Muthill Curling Club

Established 1739

November the 17th, 1739.
  1. That each Member shall attend the Precess of any Quorum of the Society when called, unless they have a reasonable excuse, under the penalty of Six Shillings Scots.
  2. That no match of curling shall be taken up with another Parish until five of the Members of the Society be previously acquainted therewith, and those that shall be chosen to play in any such match are not to absent themselves there from, under the penalty of Five Shillings Sterling, and being extruded the Society till payment.
  3. That the annual election of all the officers of the Society shall be upon the first Tuesday of -------
  4. That there shall be no wagers, cursing or swearing, during the time of game, under the penalty of Two Shillings Scots for each oath, and the fines for by wagers to be at the discretion of the Precess and the other members present, and the wagers in themselves void and null.
  5. That every residing Member of the Society betwixt and the next annual election shall provide himself in a curling stone, to be kept in this place under the penalty of One Shilling Sterling.
  6. That all the money received by the Society for the entry of new Members or Fynes be kept for the use of the Society in general.
  7. That every Member shall pay yearly to the Treasurer Four Shillings Scots, for the use foresaid.
  8. That after this date at taking up any matches betwixt any two parties they are only to have choice about.
  9. That there shall be no addition or alteration made of the above Rules but at the yearly meetings.