Muthill Curling Club

Established 1739

Muthill Curling Club 

How we run our games 

General Responsibilities 

You need to check when you are scheduled to play in any particular game – the information is on the game sheets and has day, date and time. If you aren’t sure about anything please contact the club secretary who will be happy to explain the sheets.  

Make sensible arrangements for travel etc.  Sharing a car makes a lot of sense and tends to be a good chance to catch up with folks and make the journey to the rink all the more enjoyable. 

If you can’t make any game please find a substitute and inform the Skip.  Try to find a sub from your team ‘pool’ first, and then try others.  Most folks are very accommodating and we almost all have to find a sub throughout the year so you are likely to find a willing swap somewhere along the line. 

We have some guidelines for substitutions;

               A sub should not play in a higher position than the person they are subbing for

               Subs from other pools should play lead

Taking into account the above, the Skip can choose what position the sub can play – ie someone subbing for a 3rd can be played at lead or 2nd if the skip chooses. 

The position of each player is shown on the sheets (1, 2, 3 or Skip).  Particularly in the club games we would like skips to go with this order.  For external games (Upper Strathearn, Club League etc) the Skip can alter the order if they choose, however, we ask that the skip does this in consultation with the team. 

It is the responsibility of the 2nd to keep the score card up to date and completed by the end of the game.  This means;

               Noting all players (particularly subs and who they are subbing for)

               The competition being played

               Date & Time


Signatures of both skips

Arrange for the card to be returned to the Match Secretary 

The skip should make an effort to contact all team members in advance of each game to make sure that everyone is organised, the skip may also coordinate travel arrangements although it is not expected that the skip shall provide transport.  This is particularly important if there have been substitutions so that folks who live in the same area can arrange to travel together (if they so wish).  As skip you may wish to check with your team what form of communication will work best for them.


Winning Criterion – Club Competitions

 Jug & Kettle games will be settled in the normal way ie cumulative shots up (or down!).  Overall trophy is awarded for most games won then shots up if there is a draw.  

Club bonspiels will be played in a round robin format with teams rotating around to play each other - normally 3 ends per game or as many ends as time allows.  Winner will be determined on overall shots up over the games played, and then ends won and finally biggest end difference in the case of a draw. 

In the Pairs competition the winner will be determined on game wins and then shots up in the case of a draw.